Prof. Khushboo Ranjan
Assistant Professor

About Me

Prof. Ranjan’s expertise lies in the field of Management, where she imparts knowledge in subjects such as Marketing Management, Organisational Behaviour, Consumer Behaviour, Macroeconomics, Digital Marketing. She has been instrumental in guiding and shaping the academic journeys of BBA and BCA students for the past Two years.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Assistant Professor of Business Management.
  • Deliver scheduled lectures to students.
  • Evaluate the student individually to identify difficulty.
  • Initiate, facilitate, and moderate classroom discussion.
  • Prepare course material.

Teaching Areas

  • Marketing Management
  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Macroeconomics

Education Details

  • Khushboo Ranjan earned her Executive MBA in Finance specialization from the prestigious Patna University, achieving A+ grade recognition.
  • Her academic prowess also includes a “Master of Business Administration”(MBA) from Patna University with Grade A+.